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JNCIA-Junos Study Notes

I recently took (and passed) the JN0-101 JNCIA-Junos exam. I spent my time studying and taking notes, but when it gets to crunch time I like to condense my notes into a quick study sheet. I use this study sheet to look at the day of the exam and right before I walk into the testing center. These aren’t complete notes, they’re only a summary that’s useful for last minute studying and staying fresh. I’ve got a few notebooks in my office from various certifications, but this time I thought I would put my study sheet into an electronic format and share it with the world. A few thoughts on my notes first:

I like to write notes in the long hierarchy form because I am a visual creature. Every indentation level I see could be a new edit or set hierarchy. If I start in a particular hierarchy, I either talk about it in my notes or specify the [edit] level just as you would see in the CLI. Sometimes my curly brackets do not correctly align with the configuration. It makes no sense to waste 5 lines just for curly brackets.

I use < and > to identify variable names.
I use ‘/’ to identify multiple options
If there is an optional command completion I list it in ‘( )’

You can download the PDF for free here:
JNCIA-Junos Notes

If you see any mistakes, or something needs clarification please comment or reach out to me. I always appreciate feedback.

EDIT 12-20-16: I’ve updated the download to a Dropbox link since it was still pointing to my old WordPress content. Please use the contacts below if you have any issues. I’d like to keep it up to date and relevant.